Mariusz Urban

Intermarum - the Problem of Implementing the Idea

The term 'Intermarum' is a political description of the territory limited by Baltic - Black - Adriatic Seas. It applies to the conception of organizing the Central Europe as an independent subject of international politics.

Generally saying the Intermarum uniting factors are less atractive then the rejectives ones. There is a specific situation which does not lead to unity. It applies not only to Poland's relations to other Central European nations but the relations among those nations themselves and also the relations of the regional nations to the European powers.

The failure of the Intermarum conception can be seen in contemporary history. Therefore it seems there is no attempt to such a kind of political solution. Defining the subjects of the area the Poland's attitude is mostly important. It has been proved in the process of transformation of the system created in Yalta to a new one. Cocerning the very present Poland's potential - within the progress of globalization - there is not enough sufficiency to establish a real balancing power of the Central European nations.

In Europe the process of globalization is led by Germany and France. The clear perspective is a creation of Euroasia based on the axis Paris - Berlin - Moscow. However we have to notice that in case of crisis - the breakdown of European Union - the Schiller's Institute is preparing a conception which is in fact a kind of German offensive strategy.

A new important factor in European politics emerged from the conflict concerning the model and leadership of a new world order. The United States - which were planned to be only the one of many subjects of the system - attempt to overtake a full leadership. In Europe it affects in searching an alternative to the German-French conception. The key area is what we call Intermarum. We confront the problem to accept American involvment in the region so as to profit international disorder to protect our identity.

February 2004

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