The issue of opening access to archives: of freemasonry vs other

Only allowing access to the archives of freemasonry could provide a documented view on the past and present political situation[1]. The current focus on secret police archives in Poland creates conditions for falsifying history and reality. Revealing of information contained in these archives should be conditioned by accepting their secondary nature[2] and that they are partial. We must be critical of sanctifying currently accessible archives and manipulating them especially by the media.

Mariusz Urban
National Movement

Sopot, January 8, 2007

[1] Answering a question from a female student [UAM in Poznan], whether opening up of secret police archives will provide knowledge about current history, prof. Janusz Pajewski answered that only opening of masonic archives would allow this (Statement made by NN during conversation with M. Urban, before 2002).

[2] Rev. prof. Jan Stepien: Only the Prime Minister any maybe some ministers know who governs Poland (Relacja Mariusza Urbana z rozmowy z ks. Janem Stepniem, [Mariusz Urban's account of conversation with rev. Jan Stepien], before 1989).

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