Before Return of Tradition

In December 1992 Ruch Narodowy (National Movement) has published an article entitled "Return of Tradition" by Mariusz Urban. The article presented a suggestion of parallel activities: the introduction of the Society of Saint Pius X and the propagating of Tridentine Mass within the Catholic Church in Poland.

In autumn of 1994 SSPX established its activities in Poland. This was preceded by investigative visits. In its relations with the Society, Ruch Narodowy was not acting as a political party, but as Catholics, members of the Ruch Narodowy. Cooperation with the Society was initiated in October 1994, with a break from December 1994 to March 1995, and was ended in October 1996. Since July 1997 members and supporters of Ruch Narodowy have ceased to participate in any forms of the Societies activities.

SSPX presents itself in such a way, as if the true Church was reduced just to this Society. The Society does not have an understanding of the multi-century ethos of the Catholic Church in Poland, the ideals and martyrology of the Polish nation. From the very beginning of its activities in Poland it has demonstrated unreliability and dishonesty. Destruction of family ties and friendships are a result of its activities. The Society is mainly received as a medial phenomenon, supported by substantial financial means in advertising campaigns, often incompatible with its apostolate. The Society's superiors were many times, discreetly informed of serious problems regarding its Polish activities. However, they chose to ignore them. These criticisms discredit SSPX as a religious institution and generally as an institution conducting activities in Poland.

Recognising the need of the return of Tradition, by default we turn our attention to other centers of traditional liturgy and teaching. The Society of Saint Peter is unfortunately not free of problems confirmed by certain situations in Poland in the previous year. We, therefore, conclude to return to the second activity proposed in the article "Return of Tradition".

1 "Serwis Informacyjny Ruchu Narodowego", 30 I 2001.

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