Mariusz Urban

Consequences Difficult to Predict

The October 2000 visit of the British Prime Minister in Warsaw has revealed the Labour Cabinet's position on the European superstate as endorsed by Germany and France. By opposing the superstate with the European superpower Prime Minister Tony Blair has diminished his idea to mere rhetoric. As observed in previous arguments there cannot be a superpower without a superstate. There are no grounds for maintaining the sovereignty of nation states in united Europe according to the English Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's speech cannot be even considered a serious attempt to modify the German/French model. This demonstrates the increasing self-imposed restraining of the British foreign policy. Although, in Europe there are still certain tendencies to defend national identities, the ruling political forces are executing the principle of German/French model.

In Poland, a so called "practical consensus in spite of divisions" was reached on European integration. The official Polish policy seemed to be balancing between the German/French and Anglosaxon models. As the former grew in strength, Warsaw subsequently revealed its ideological ties in line with existing dependencies. Especially, after the last presidential elections in Poland one has lost hope in our ruling politicians to be willing to inject the European policy with any notions of national independence. What is more important, the destruction of public life in Poland is so advanced that the right wing parties, even the euro-skeptical, have no ability of making things happen. Actions which could potentially stop the process of the expanding European superstate into Poland lie beyond the powers and intentions of the reigning elites. Therefore, it will be very difficult to convert the rising mistrust of the European Union in Poland into common good. The decomposition of this system in the central part of Europe can be, however, carried out by political forces from outside of the current establishment. Having that in mind one must consider consequences difficult to predict.

The Author is the leader of the Polish National Movement [Ruch Narodowy].

October 2000

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